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Real Boxing teaser


Hi. We are proud to present our latest project. A teaser for an upcomming title REAL BOXING from VIVID GAMES ( www.realboxinggame.com ). I will place more about the production in an upcomming making of article. Now just a couple of information about the project.
This teaser is a first of two prerendered videos we have to deal with – it will be followed by a bit longer cinematic. The script was created together with VIVID games. Followed by the animatic, character model, props and the visual key, VIVID GAMES gave us a lot of great creation freedom, wich is not as common as one could wish:) but it does happen sometimes – Thanks.
We were aiming for a film look with sharp fine grain and B&W photo look. As a contract we tried to borrow the red accents from Sin City and it made the picture stronger so we kept it.

VIVID GAMES – REAL BOXING Teaser from Dash Dot Creations on Vimeo.

Couple of screenshots:


Thanks also to all DDC team part in this project:

Lukasz Krawczyk – Modeling / Cloth Simulation / Particles
Mariusz Radomski – Script / Visual key /
Waldemar Nalepa – Character Rigging / Animation
Lukasz Kubinski – Art Direction / character modeling / animation / lighting / rendering / postproduction
Music & Sound – Marcin Przybyłowicz (Kwazi)

3DSmax, Maya, Vray, After Effects