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Character development process


Hi. We would like to show you and tell you how we developed a recent character. What approach we have chosen and introduce people involved.

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Our teammembers challenge results


Short Introduction

A while ago I announced a DDC internal challenge. The task was to create short individual project with no subject or technique boundries. I’m proud to reveal 2 of them that made it worth waiting.

1. A 2D animation Created by KAMIL WÓJCIK. Kamil decided to go out of his comfort zone completely and drew his first keyframe animation. A short and funny story of a weird clown and a drunk.

2. „Girl and a Rat” – a character concept as complete and professional as is gets, created by KAŚKA KACZMAREK (Cassiaramone).  A coloured artwork with a booklet of sketches and characters psychological portrait. In my opinion a feast for the eyes and mind.




Girl With a Tucan


A sexy native mysterious african girl with a Tucan and sugar dipped nipples. A loose concept art from our concept artist – Cassiaramone.

Since Cat is on board at Dash Dot Creations I guess our blog and gallery will become more sexy in the near future.black


Creativro – visual interpretation of Wroclaw Multimedia HUB


Hi. As a member od the Wroclaw Creative Hub we thught of a illustration and visual interpretation of the HUB. Generally a bunch of happy and a bit abstract characters appearing wherever something creative is hapening:

The first character as a Creativro wallpaper









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Mouse with a heavy nose


How to help a mouse with a heavy nose.

A maouse with a heavy nose_small